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Areas of support

I offer counselling support as well as hypnotherapy as a tool to deal with a wide range of emotional and relationship issues including:-

Grief and Loss

As we go through life, we inevitably face loss as part of life itself. Though feelings of grief are a natural part of loss, they can prove very difficult and painful to deal with. We may be experiencing loss for the first time and struggling with profound feelings that are alien to us. In turn, we may have previous experiences of loss that can compound current difficult feelings. Having someone neutral and supportive to talk with and explore often wide-ranging emotions can help this process along and, importantly allow us to feel we are not shouldering the burden of grief alone.

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The relationships we have, whether they be with friends, colleagues, family or as a couple, are dynamic in nature. These relationships help us feel connected, adding to our sense of belonging and emotional well-being. In turn, they can also be tested on different levels as we deal with our emotional selves in relation to others. Sometimes relationships can come under particular strain and can feel threatened for different reasons. Perhaps a relationship you have has reached a crossroads, or you have experienced a separation. This can be an exceptionally challenging time, perhaps forcing us to re-evaluate ourselves as well as others. I can offer support to help you explore conflicting emotions and help towards restoring a sense of equilibrium and balance at a time of uncertainty.

Stress, Anxiety & phobias

Stress and anxiety can take many forms and have many different causes. The demands of modern-day living and juggling busy lives can lead to pressure and stress. Sometimes pushing away or avoiding painful feelings and difficult issues can cause anxiety that can build up over time. Perhaps you have suffered a traumatic event recently or in the past (this can take many forms), and this has left you feeling anxious or worried. Obsessive thoughts and behaviours and phobias are also areas I can provide support with, offering practical tools and strategies to help alleviate symptoms.

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Self-Worth/Self Esteem

When we experience positive self-worth and high self-esteem, it can be much easier to navigate life’s ups and downs, and it allows us to live the life we choose for ourselves. Sometimes when we experience our sense of self as feeling quite lost or depleted, we lose sight of our value and lack confidence in ourselves. Our views and beliefs of ourselves are made up of all our experiences. Sometimes they are echoes of the expectations of others. We might ourselves set up habitual or destructive patterns of behaviour that contribute to our own poor image of ourselves. Within the counselling relationship, we can explore these issues with the aim of creating a more open, compassionate, patient and forgiving self.

Whatever issues you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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